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  "Sipja technology" was established as a manufacturer of CS tear gas products and   defense products in 1999. "Sipja Technology" is a only manufacturer of tear gas   products in Korea.Our main business fields are manufacturing the CS tear gas   products and police gear and military gear products.
  We produce all products by ISO 9001 quality management system.
So we are   proud of good quality and guarantee more over 5 years...
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Launcher SJ-101 Launcher SJ-102 Launcher STR-300 Launcher SJ-600
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Producing good quality tear gas products we are now tear gas grenades, 38mm tear gas shells, tear gas launchers...
The SJ-102 launcher is a single-shot, shoulder-fired launcher that fires a tear gas shell and rubber ball shells. The SJ-102 can ...
STR-300 launcher is used when we launch the rope or save-life tubes to rescue the person fall into the deep water or be swept...
No.1 in the World for
Riot Control Vehicle, Proven Performance & Quality in Field Mission, Regional Presence ...
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